, your partner for digital invoicing!

Smarter together. is a joint venture between
KBC Bank and Arco Information.


As market leaders, Arco Information and KBC bank have proven to be innovators in their fields. Backed by the experience of the Arco R&D department and KBC’s open banking approach, a synergetic partnership has emerged under the name of


Soluzio’s mission is to simplify the complex financial ecosystems
by delivering smart, user-friendly digital solutions.​

We realize that the world is “going cloud” and we strongly believe that processes are getting digital and that they will cross the company boarders. Combining ‘meta’ data, process data and user data will offer major opportunities for differentiation.

We expect that digital platforms which embed data management, process management and security at their core, with a strong focus on integration and interoperability, will be a vital component in a company’s operational infrastructure.

We see that companies strive to constantly reduce their cost base and improve operational effectiveness. empowers organizations to digitize their processes, allowing them to automize and streamline their business processes which results in quicker, more secure and centralized handling of invoices on our secure cloud platform.

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