, your partner for digital invoicing.

Soluzio was born at the end of 2018 as a software development company for our shareholders Arco Information and KBC Bank.
Wrong. For the existing and future customers of our shareholders.
However don’t qualify Soluzio as just another a start-up.
While breathing speed, youth and customer centricity, we fully understand the extreme sensitive and important arena we, and you, are working in.
Soluzio believes in ecosystems and making each other better.
Hence we decided to combine state-of-the-art document management financial technology with the paramount trust and distribution seal of an important financial player in society.

We do recognize that we are not alone in this market, and surely not the first one.
But we do believe that we are quite unique in our value proposition and wide palette of solutions, both for the inbound and outbound side of your invoice and document flows.
Next to the most optimal and user-friendly ERP and accounting software connectivity, we add exclusive financial, approval and payment solutions.

We are adding additional features and flavors on a weekly basis to fully deliver our promise to you:
take away the hassle of invoicing in the widest definition, while keeping you in the lead.

Meet the REAL people behind !

Our Team.



Business ‘flandrien’, ploughing through the mud. Trying to make a difference in whatever he does, based on hard work and connecting people. Passionate people and family man. Multiple Ironman finisher.

Vander Goten


As a born innovator, Walter is always looking for new implementations and extra functionalities. From the background, this hard worker is the driving force of the development team. Tennis and cycling are his ideal stress-relievers.

De Prins


Wizzkid with 30 years of experience and with a focus on getting the things done. Likes to think outside of the box. Passionate about innovation, products and product technology.


Training, Marketing
& customer relations

Training professional. Started as a teacher in official education. All rounder (as long as it doesn't become too technical.) Customer focused.
Loves to entertain on stage. Co-founder of wysiwyg v.z.w.

Van de Weyer

Senoir programmer

More than 25 years of programming experience on the counter. Her keyword is “punctuality”. Nature conservation and the environment are important to her. Likes to be outside (walking/jogging). De-stresses during the weekend by using a sword (tai chi).



A rookie on the court, aiming for a great user experience and bug extermination.

Briones Alonso


One of our newest members on the team. A junior developer hungry for knowledge and eager to become a great programmer. Likes to jam and play music in the weekend.



Gie likes to sort things out. Driven to improve, he will question everything. With inexhaustible patience he tests and re-tests the products. Gie's ultimate goal is to eliminate all bugs.



Are you ready to kick some ass? We are looking for top guys and gals who want to join our team. Together we will make a number one player in the fintech business!

On top, we tap on a top army of thinkers and do-ers from within the Arco and KBC group.

Yes, we build together!

Our Mission.

Soluzio’s mission is to simplify the complex financial ecosystems
by delivering smart, user-friendly digital solutions.​

We realize that the world is “going cloud” and we strongly believe that processes are getting digital and that they will cross the company boarders. Combining ‘meta’ data, process data and user data will offer major opportunities for differentiation.

We expect that digital platforms which embed data management, process management and security at their core, with a strong focus on integration and interoperability, will be a vital component in a company’s operational infrastructure.

We see that companies strive to constantly reduce their cost base and improve operational effectiveness. empowers organizations to digitize their processes, allowing them to automize and streamline their business processes which results in quicker, more secure and centralized handling of invoices on our secure cloud platform.

Our Shareholders. is a joint venture between
KBC Bank and Arco Information.


As market leaders, Arco Information and KBC bank have proven to be innovators in their fields. Backed by the experience of the Arco R&D department and KBC’s open banking approach, a synergetic partnership has emerged under the name of

Peppol Acces Point – Certified provider. is a certified PEPPOL access point. We can help you quickly get connected with what’s becoming the universal standard for the exchange of electronic documents across Europe.