The electronic invoice highway to governments and more and more companies. is a certified PEPPOL access point provider.

To connect to PEPPOL, you must use a certified access point. Like a telecom company that connects your company to the telephone network, an access point connects you to the PEPPOL network. is certified PEPPOL access point provider and can send and receive invoices for you.

What is Peppol?

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online. It is an infrastructure for the exchange of electronic business documents and allows organisations to exchange invoices in a quick, secure and efficient way.

Sending invoices via PEPPOL means:

  • Secure and fast delivery of your invoices
  • Direct delivery to the Flemish and Belgian government
  • Quick connection to a huge number of governments and companies
  • Direct exchange of E-invoices, so automized booking accounting software is possible
  • Using an international solution
  • Faster processing and payment of a correct invoice