Mastering the never-ending stream​

Being in control of in- and outbound documents is key to efficiency.  We help you to reduce the handling effort in this process so you can maintain focus on operational matters, rather than overhead.

Automation of intricate flows and formats

Our software converts documents from various sources and formats into meaningful and versatile digital entities. Printed invoices, PDFs, emails, data from external platforms (like Peppol) and more are integrated seamlessly.

Friendly and reliable cloud access

Your documents and flows stay organised in a fast, reliable and secure cloud environment, making everything available from anywhere you need and does this in a use-friendly way.



Receiving  supplier invoices


Sending outgoing invoices

Digital Archive

Legal digital archive

Why choose

Trustworthy partners

With KBC and Arco Information as shareholders, is a trustworthy company that can rely on the experience of a large Belgian bank and of a major player in data management solutions.


No worries about current or new industry standards: we are on top of them! Furthermore, we are compliant with all privacy and security regulations.


One stop shop

All your invoices are kept on a secure platform in the cloud.

Your documents are at your fingertips all over the world!


Future proof

Invoice-oriented today, but many more documents will follow in the near future. Choosing now means being ready for the future.

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